Membership in organizations and associations

Our company has an honour to be a member of organizations and associations from business environment. We cooperate with experts from academic groups and independent branch organizations. Our company also cooperates with organization, which are specialized in supplementing areas of scope of our services – especially on the grounds of IT and Internet, quality systems, safety procedures, environmental standards, marketing and market research. Below we present a list of organizations we are member of:

The Polish Chamber of Biomass
Polska Izba Biomasy

The Chamber was established on 26 February 2004 in Warsaw. The Chamber is an association of more than 100 firms from various regions of Poland, mainly: producers of biomass used for energy purposes, producers of biomass fuels, producers of appliances used in the production of biomass fuels, producers of appliances for the energy use of biomass, sales people of above-mentioned products, producers of energy with biomass component, institutions and organizations working in the field of biomass promotion.
Main areas of Chamber's activity:
• participation in drafting regional programmes for biomass production and use for energy purposes,
• organization of financial basis for implementation of those programmes,
• support for the PCB members in creation and financing of investment projects,
• support for the PCB members in production of biomass and appliances for the energy use of biomass,
• information and education concerning the production of biomass and its use for energy purposes.

Business Centre Club

It is a prestigious club of companies and the biggest organization of employers in the country. It gathers over 1200 mostly private companies represented by almost 2000 entrepreneurs, investing capital of 200 billion PLN and having 600 thousand employees. Among members of BCC there are biggest international companies, financial institutions, insurers, telecommunication companies, biggest Polish manufacturers, universities etc. Commitment in club's activities and participation in many business events provides us with a opportunity to establish new business connections. Thanks to these connection we have a possibility to exchange solutions, experience and good practices implemented by best companies on the market. This ensures that solutions and practices used by other entities are efficient and worth copying.

Towarzystwo Naukowe Organizacji i Kierownictwa

Non profit association that deals with popularizing knowledge in professional management. Its activity concerns matters in science, educational, consulting and publishing. Mission of TNOiK is creating and promoting professional management and integrating science and practical environments for development of Polish economy.

Polskie Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne

Independent and professional association of economists gathering practitioners and theorists. It was founded in 1945 and renders services in making expert's reports and economical analyses. It deals with consulting and information activity in economics for various entities.

The Council for European Union Funds supporting the President of the city of Częstochowa

The Council is a form of cooperation between representatives of self-government, non-governmental organizations, institutions connected with business environment, universities and academies, and representatives of other institutions acting for the purpose of better acquisition of European Union Funds. Activities of the Council are focus particularly on supporting institutions and organizations, as well as tightening their cooperation in relation to European matters, including stimulating in acquisition of financing for realization of projects from the European Union programmes, exchanging experience and spreading knowledge and information about the European Union, including first of all possibilities of applying for subsidies from European Union funds and programmes, supporting social dialog in matters of European issues, making efforts in order to efficient use the support from European Union funds and programmes by institutions acting in the city of Częstochowa.